Master's and Ph.D. in Biotechnology Applied to Agriculture

Master's and Ph.D. in Biotechnology Applied to Agriculture

About the program

Universidade Paranaense offers the Post-Graduation Program in Biotechnology Applied to Agriculture at the Master's (since 2006) and Ph.D. (since 2014) levels, aimed at professionals graduated in Biological Sciences, Agronomic Engineering, Pharmacy, Food Engineering and Technology, Chemistry, Veterinary Medicine and similar areas. It has been awarded Grade 4 at CAPES, Coordination for the Improvement of Higher Level Personnel.

The Post-Graduation Program in Biotechnology Applied to Agriculture (PROBIOT) has three lines of research:

  • Biotechnology Applied to Agricultural Microbiology
  • Biotechnology Applied to Vegetal Improvement
  • Development of Products and Processes, and Characterization and Conservation of Biological Material in Agricultural Biotechnology.

Recommended by CAPES, the Ph.D. course in Biotechnology Applied to Agriculture from Universidade Paranaense belongs to the Agricultural Sciences area.

The Ph.D. course in Biotechnology Applied to Agriculture from Universidade Paranaense – UNIPAR is part of the set of training processes in this university, aimed at training and improvement in Biotechnology Applied to Agriculture, being articulated with the undergraduation and master courses, and with the need of the Course, due to the regional location of the institution.

The course activities are currently focused on UNIPAR's Post-Graduation department, at the Umuarama Headquarters Campus, where it uses the didactic infrastructure, as well as the laboratories in Unipar Umuarama Campi (Sede; Campus Cruzeiro, where the Veterinary Hospital and the Herbal Plant Garde are located; as well as the Experimental Farm São José in Cascavel).


Odair Alberton (Coordenador do Programa) (

Legal status - Masters

Master's Degree Course recommended by CAPES and accredited according to Ordinance MEC No. 1077, dated August 31, 2012, published in the Federal Official Gazette No. 178 – Section 1, from September 13, 2012.

Legal status - Doctorate

Ph.D. Course recommended by CAPES based on OFFICIAL LETTER No 161-5/2013/CTC/CAA I/CGAA/DAV/CAPES dated September 17, 2013.


Students graduated in courses accredited by MEC in the Biological Sciences, Agronomy Engineering, Pharmacy, Chemistry, Engineering and Food Technology, Veterinary Medicine and similar areas.


Consolidate scientific activities in Biotechnology Applied to Agriculture, training professionals for teaching, research and work in the productive sector, capable of producing, disclosing and using knowledge that is relevant to applied biotechnology.


Master's degree: 30 installments of R$ 1.546,00

Doctorate degree: 30 installments of R$ 2.090,00

This fee is related to the registration for 2016, and the University has the right to make any changes due to legal or economic demands.


Scholarship from the Institutional Program for Professors and Technical-Scientific Training (PIT). The PIT scholarship is offered to the first ten students who register at the Master's Degree in Biotechnology applied to Agriculture. In 2015, the scholarship is of BRL 250.00 for 30 months. The student is conditioned to not failing, to attending and participating in all activities in the course, organization of events, lectures, research and supervision activities for the Research Mentorship program. Granting criteria: Score received when analyzing the Lattes Curriculum. PIT scholarship availability is subjected to approval by UNIPAR.


Scholarship from the Post-Graduation Supporting Programs for Private Teaching Institutions (PROSUP). 

The scholarship is offered to the students registered in Master's Degree in Biotechnology applied to Agriculture. It has the duration of 12 months. No other type of scholarship can be accumulated, such as PIT, but the student can work. Applicants without a job have absolute priority in the distribution of the CAPES benefit at any time. Each case will be analyzed by the Program Collegiate. The availability of the PROSUP scholarships is subjected to CAPES understanding and shall be published in Public Notices.



The Regulation of the Post-Graduation Program in Biotechnology Applied to Agriculture in a Master's and Ph.D. level was defined by the PROBIOT Collegiate, approved by the Stricto Sensu Post-Graduation Coordination, by the Board of Directors in Research and Post-Graduation and approved by the Higher Council of Teaching, Research and Extension at Universidade Paranaense.