Master's and Ph.D. in Biotechnology Applied to Agriculture

Master's and Ph.D. in Biotechnology Applied to Agriculture


The Post-Graduation Program in Biotechnology Applied to Agriculture at a Master's and Ph.D. level offers a series of subjects to its students, some of them mandatory, others elective. All students have to accomplish, within a maximum of 24 months, a total of 24 creditds in subjects for the Master's Degree and in a maximum of 48 months, a total of 36 credits in subjects for the Ph.D. program, including the mandatory subjects. Each theoretical credit is represented by 15 hours/classroom while each practical credit is represented by 30 hours/classroom.

At the beginning of each teaching year, the students must register to the subjects offered in that specific year.



Subject Name / Abbreviation Credits
Experimental statistics / EEX 3
General and population genetics / GGP 3
Research methodology / MPE 3
Scientific Writing / RCI 3
Seminars I / SUM 1
Seminars II / SDO 1
Seminars III / STR 1


Subject Name / Abbreviation Credits
Bioassays in biotechnology / BBI 3
Bioinformatics applied to biotechnology / BAB 3
Bioquímica e metabolismo vegetal / BMV 3
Biotechnology applied to the improvement of plants / BAM 3
Mushroom farming biotechnology / BCC 3
Enzymatic biotechnology / BEN 3
Characterization of biocomposites / CBI 3
Culture of vegetable tissues / CTV 3
Desenvolvimento de aplicações de biomoléculas em alimentos e cosméticos / DBM 3
Fisiologia de plantas sob estresse / FPE 3
Microbiologia aplicada à biotecnologia / MAB 3
Supervised teaching practice / PDS 3
Recombining DNA Technology / TDR 3