Master's and Ph.D. in Biotechnology Applied to Agriculture

Master's and Ph.D. in Biotechnology Applied to Agriculture

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In order to enter the The Post-Graduation Program in Biotechnology Applied to Agriculture, the applicant must take a reading test in English and Spanish for the Ph.D. course, with the help of a dictionary. An interview is also made by an evaluation committee consisting of supervising professors, and the applicant's Lattes Curriculum is also analyzed.

The Selection Process takes place at the end of February each year, and the registrations can be made from November to February at UNIPAR's website. It is also possible to start the Master's or Ph.D. degree at any moment of the year in a Continuous Flow, as long as there are vacancies, or as a non-regular student.

Further information can be found at the [Course coordinator](mailto:, at [secretariat](mailto: or on the Selection Process page.

Horário de Atendimento

Seg. à sex. das 8h30 às 12h e 13h às 17h30
Sáb. das 08h30 às 12h30
Ou ligue: 0800 601 4031