Master's and Ph.D. in Animal Sciences with Emphasis on Bioactive Products

Master's and Ph.D. in Animal Sciences with Emphasis on Bioactive Products

About the program


Since 2006, the Master's Degree course in Animal Sciences has the general purpose of training professionals in the Veterinary, Biological Sciences, Pharmacy and similar areas. The course has the specific purpose of training and qualifying professionals for scientific and technical research in the Animal Health concentration area. Animal Health is understood as any scientific study on veterinary clinic, surgery and anesthesiology; animal husbandry; research of etiological agents, whether viral, bacterial, fungal or parasite; epidemiology and prevention of diseases of zootechnical and public health interest; zoonotic microorganisms; treatment protocols; therapeutic processes and procedures; animal experimentation therapeutics; toxicology.

The Course intends to offer qualified professionals to work in public and private teaching, research and development institutes, and in the areas of animal health defense, public health, veterinary, animal production and husbandry. In CAPES last assessment (2013), the course received Grade “3”, showing performance indexes that allow its future upgrade to Grade “4”.

The Master Degree in Animal Sciences has the concentration area: Animal Health, with two lines of research:

1. Veterinary Clinic, Animal Husbandry and Experimental Therapeutic

2. Preventive Veterinary Medicine and Public Health


Ph.D. Degree

The academic Ph.D. degree in Animal Sciences with Emphasis on Bioactive Products in the Veterinary Medicine area consolidates UNIPAR's aspirations in the training and qualification of professionals for the development of activities using Bioactive Products for Single (Animal and Human) Health, with research and development of innovative products for sustainable actions. This is the first Ph.D. degree in the area of Veterinary Medicine in the northwestern region of the State of Paraná. The course fulfils an important social role with actions in Single Health, Biodiversity and the Border Region. The program is exceptional and innovative in the Veterinary Medicine area, having been approved by Capes with Grade “4”.

The Ph.D. in Animal Science with Emphasis on Bioactive Products Program - Concentration Area: Animal Health, has two lines of research:

  1. Experimental Therapy of Bioactive Products Applied to Animal Clinic and Husbandry.
  2. Single Education and Health in the productive and community chain


Daniela Dib Gonçalves (Coordenadora do Programa) (

Legal status - Masters

Course recommended by CAPES and accredited according to Ordinance MEC No. 1077, dated August 31, 2012, published in the Federal Official Gazette No. 178 – Section 1, of September 13, 2012.

Legal status - Doctorate

Ph.D. course recommended by CAPES based on the result of the 161st Meeting (December 07 and 11, 2015) Technical and Scientific Council – Higher Education (CTC – ES)


This program aims to qualify professionals in the areas of Veterinary Medicine, Animal Husbandry, Biological Sciences, Pharmacy, Medicine, Nursing, Biomedicine, Nutrition, Food Technology, Physical Therapy and Technology in Aesthetics and Cosmetology, the latter being considered innovative in CAPES Veterinary Medicine, since the professionals will perform activities and projects related to animal health and aesthetics.


Train highly qualified professors, researchers and professionals to develop technical and scientific activities with an elevated innovative level (processes and products), entrepreneurship and sustainable actions, with application to regional and border agribusiness aimed to Single Health.


Master's degree: 30 installments of R$ 1.546,00

Doctorate degree: 36 installments of R$ 1.745,00

This fee is related to the registration for 2016, and the University has the right to make any changes due to legal or economic demands.


Scholarship from the Institutional Program for Professors and Technical-Scientific Training (PIT). The PIT scholarship is offered to the first ten students who register at the Master's Degree in Animal Sciences. In 2019, the scholarship is of BRL 250.00 for 30 months. The student is conditioned to not failing, to attending and participating in all activities in the course, organization of events, lectures, research and supervision activities for the Research Mentorship program. Granting criteria: Score received when analyzing the Lattes Curriculum. PIT scholarship availability is subjected to approval by UNIPAR.


Scholarship from the Post-Graduation Supporting Programs for Private Teaching Institutions (PROSUP). The PROSUP scholarship (School Fee) is offered to the students registered in Master's and Ph.D. courses in Animal Sciences with emphasis in Bioactive Products. It has the duration of 12 months. No other type of scholarship can be accumulated, nor can the student be working. The availability of the PROSUP scholarships is subjected to CAPES understanding and shall be published in Public Notices.



The Regulation of the Post-Graduation Program in Animal Sciences was defined by the Course Committee, approved by the Stricto Sensu Post-Graduation Coordination, by the Board of Directors in Research and Post-Graduation and approved by the Higher Council of Teaching, Research and Extension at Universidade Paranaense.


Course Requirements: 

Master Degree: In order to complete the Master Degree in Animal Sciences, the student must complete 24 (twenty-four) credits, as follows: 10 (ten) credits in Mandatory subjects and 14 (fourteen) credits in Elective subjects in the Program.

Ph.D.: In order to complete the Ph.D. program in Animal Science, the student must complete 40 (forty) credits, as follows: 121 (twelve) credits in Mandatory subjects and 28 (twenty-eight) credits in Elective sjubjects in the Program.

CAPES / PROSUP fellows must complete 02 (two) credits related to the Teaching Practice in Graduation subject..